During the two weeks course in Entrepreneurship, you will be mentored by coaches and not professors. You will be working together in a co-shared space instead of classrooms and you will be challenged like real Entrepreneurs.

You will be required to use your judgement, adquired knowledge, make observations and establish an understanding of market needs for which you will have to develop product solutions. Together with your team you will examine the business potential of your ideas and their chances of success.

Additionally you will be exposed to visiting experts who will perform ad hoc sessions on various topics of interest.

You will acquire basic information on entrepreneurship and 21st century skills in functional ways.

Fun and Learning rewarded by 3 ECTS at MQF level 6 – (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System)

At the end of your learning experience, you will be provided with a Certificate of Award of 3 ECTS that may be recognised as prior learning for our Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship degree and also in other Universities within the European Union and in Commonwealth Countries.

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Learning Outcomes of the course:
1. Real-life experience on the early stage of a business start-up approach
2. Team work experience in an international environment
3. Practice the use of English language in a business context
4. Improved problem-solving skills
5. Develop of 21st century skills

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